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NEW FOR 2023

Not all Zombies have to be scary right?

Parents and Kids can join in our brand new event Hide and Seek. Work together with your friends, family and other team mates to complete and solve fun and exciting puzzles. But keep an eye out for our resident zombie who's name we shall not mention. Make sure to go and Hide so he can't find you and find out who has been solving all his puzzles.

Once you solve the most important puzzle will you then unlock your very own Gel Blaster. You can then head out and find our poor zombie who might drop treats for you to grab as you use your Gel blaster against him. Lets hope he doesnt have any friends.

Private Parties are also available. This event is recommended for those aged 7-11yrs. One adult aged 18+ must take part and be apart of each booking. One adult can supervise up to 5 children.


Hitting the Book now button will take you to our Partners Website at Operation Tacforce


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