District 26 - Chesterfield

Communications on site have ceased. It is believed this is the epicentre of the outbreak leading to the uprising. We urgently need survivors to enter the base to achieve what others could not. Before communications broke off we received one last horrifying and spine chilling warning. Things here are far from normal.

Based in Chesterfield, the site is the centre of the outbreak and has been fenced off from the public. Consisting of 3 floors, the 90,000 square metre site is a labyrinth consisting of rooms, open areas, stairways, secret tunnels and openings. We recommend you bring a torch to help you work your way through the dark and mysterious site because anything could be lurking in the dark...

You won’t just have to fight your way through the terrifying dark building, there is also an open area village consisting of abandoned military vehicles, canvas tents and wildlife. There are more than Zombies in the dark of this jaw dropping location. The site is full of secrets that you will have to unlock to survive.

Goytside Road, Chesterfield, S40 2BL