What is Zombie Uprising?

Zombie Uprising is a realistic live all action zombie survival event. We bring you the Zombie Apocalypse and challenge you to achieve your mission. Armed with one gun and limited ammo and information, can you accomplish your mission and avoid infection?

How much does it cost?

£50 per person. For peace of mind you have the option to pay a non refundable deposit at the time of booking for the event and pay the remainder of the balance at the event.

How do I pay?

Payments are processed online through a secure connection. For those who choose to pay a deposit only, you can pay the outstanding balance on the night. We cannot process card payments at the event, so those who do not bring cash will not be allowed to enter. Payments made by Paypal do not require a PayPal account. Simply checkout as a guest.

How many people per event?

The number of survivors on one event can vary between locations. On average we have up to 40 people per event.

Do I need a full team?

No. You can book one place or a whole team, depending on availability. There are discounts for large group bookings, contact us on 0330 133 0158 for enquiries. We will try to keep all groups together but you will also meet new people who you will need to work with.

Do I have to book in advance?

Yes. All bookings must be made in advance of the event date.

How old do I have to be to take part?

The minimum age for events is strictly 16.


We hold special events for ages 12+ at Chesterfield only. Please check our booking page for these events. These will be clearly highlighted and require a parent or guardian to counter sign a disclaimer form before anyone under 16 can take part. Each booking must include one adult (18+). These events are aimed at those aged between 12-15. No all adult bookings will be permitted for these events.

Do you offer group booking discounts?

Yes we do offer incentives for large group bookings. Email us for more information

I have booked as a stag/hen party. Can you offer any special treatment?

For Stags & Hens we like to make the event that little bit more memorable. That's why we work closely with the group organiser to tailor the event and add some special, unforgettable moments. Get in touch for more details on 0330 133 0158

Where is the infected area?

The outbreak began in Chesterfield but due to high demand for the event the Uprising has now spread to Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Kirton in Lindsey. There are signs that the Uprising will continue to spread...

What weapons will I be using?

You and your team mates will be using Airsoft guns. The Airsoft guns fire small plastic projectiles and you will be given full training. Be wary, ammo is limited. We have very limited weapons upgrades available that can be reserved in the week leading up to your event or purchased at the event subject to availability.

How do I kill a zombie?

Quite simply, you don’t. Zombies will mutate, regenerate and become stronger, faster and hungrier! The Zombies are as real as possible but are also actors, which is why we have a strict policy on intentionally harming them.

Can I be infected?

Yes. There is no cure. Should you get infected, there will be consequences at the end of the event...

Can I smoke?

We implement a no smoking and vaping policy. Besides, you won't have time to stop and smoke...

How safe is it?

Safety is a high priority for us. There are first aiders attending the event. There will also be marshalls patrolling the site. They strictly have no influence on the scenario and are only there to handle issues such as potential injuries or weapon issues. Facing aggressive blood thirsty flesh eating zombies in the dark can present hazards, resulting in minor injuries such as bruising. However, during the safety brief you will be given comprehensive information on health and safety. There will be a disclaimer to sign on the day.

Are there any extra costs on the day?

Yes, but these are optional. We have weapons upgrades and extra magazines that can be purchased at the event. There is also a shop selling light snacks and refreshments.

Can I come along and watch?

Unfortunately not. The game is fast paced and spread over a large area which makes it difficult to stage a viewing area.

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