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Dare you enter "The Department"

A secret nuclear facility thought to have been funded by Majestic 12 has triggered an alarm. A reactor has blown. Automatic counter measures were deployed and the whole Facility is now locked down.

All personnel are believed to still be inside.

Z.E.U.S were deployed to investigate and initial findings show high readings of Radiation. Footsteps can be heard inside the Facility.

Z.E.U.S hacked into the Facilities systems and obtained secret hidden files on a new test subject.


These documents indicate that an "Undead Subject" was worked on with a biological virus created in District 26. Combined with radiation bursts Project X shows no signs of weakness and it was recorded that they show increased awareness and frustration towards one member of personnel at a time.

Will you be unfortunate enough to be selected?

8 Winston Ave, Croft, Leicester LE9 3GQ

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