The rising threat of the Zombie Uprising lead the government to commission The Barracks, a special military training facility based in Manchester with the aim of training an elite unit to fight the Zombie Uprising. Live zombies were used in a controlled environment for training purposes but an outbreak has turned the legendary 442 SQD into zombies. 

Based on the borders of Manchester, The Barracks is a massive 7 story training facility that was designed to test soldiers in a range of simulated situations. Blockades, Maze’s & Urban Warfare zones were all constructed inside the facility to simulate potential scenarios. Its now up to you to work your way through these specially constructed levels to complete a very important mission. Failure is not an option, your mission is to save the lives of 2.8 million people. There is more than the zombies to worry about, but all further information is classified until you arrive at the bunker on location. Will you survive?

Spur Mill, Stockport, SK5 7BY

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