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The Ultimate 3 Hour Zombie Survival Experience

Secure your place with a £20 per person deposit

Armed with a single weapon, can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombie Uprising is a live action zombie survival experience that will push you to your limits. You have seen the films. You have played the games. Now be in them! It’s time to find out what you will do when the Zombie Apocalypse arrives.

We challenge you to join us at one of our amazing outbreak zones for the event of a lifetime. You and your teammates will be armed with a weapon each and given a mission. From there you will have to battle and reclaim the outbreak zones that have become infested with the walking dead…

Zombie Uprising guarantee an adrenaline fuelled fear fest in a post apocalyptic outbreak zone. Here, you and your team will have to avoid infection and battle for survival to complete your mission.


But be careful. If the fear doesn’t get you, something else will…






NEW FOR 2021





NEW FOR 2021



NEW FOR 2021


Kirton In Lindsey

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Zombie Uprising provide the best value for money Zombie Experience in the UK. Events last for an adrenaline filled 3 hours with all equipment provided. Ammunition is included and participants magazines are reloaded after every mission. Optional extras on the day include additional magazines and weapon upgrades.

Zombie Uprising are also available for Private Hire and Corporate events. Putting a real focus on teamwork we encourage people to work together, support each other and encourage each other. Get in touch with us to discuss your booking.



Zombie Uprising are now offering special events for those aged between 12-15yrs. Our standard events are for those strictly aged 16+.

You will be part of the Zombie Enforcement Uprising Section. You and your team leader will navigate the outbreak zone completing mission objectives. Use your weapons to neutralise the zombies without getting infected.


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Registration Number: 1101063